The rising tide of lawlessness

  • I just watched a video today that showed a police officer detaining a woman that had just left the store with her bag full of stolen goods. I was amazed at her response to being detained ...she tried to run ...then demanded to be released immediately unless she could see his credentials. All the while trying to wheezle free and take off. She then, after someone watching retrieved his wallet as proof he was the police, began faining she was being hurt, and he must let her go immediately. All the while the police was giving her instructions as to what she should do...she refused to follow them and made allegations of the officers not handling her in the right manner. while the onlookers stood in shock. Now, who broke the law? Just realizing that the consensus on if the woman had done the deed was plan, yet she remained demanding and accusing of the officer that was not going to let her get away with the theft. Realize lawlessness is simply putting yourself in the place as the lawmaker. There is one lawgiver and this is where we have retained our moral codes and ethics on which society is run. Pick up the Bible, take a look at what God says about things instead of saying I think, I feel. Have you run into one of these lawmakers? If you haven't get ready will. They'll take your God-given rights away if your not careful.